Assessment, Development and Guidance for Aspiring K - 8 Students in San Francisco and New York

Welcome to MathPrivé, dedicated to embuing a deep understanding and joy of math to young students. We specialize in providing exceptional math support services, comprehensive grade-level proficiency assessments, and expert guidance for parents in understanding the universe of private and public schools.

Our founders recognize the immense value that comes from nurturing an enjoyment and confidence in math at an early age. They are committed to cultivating the lasting benefit of a fundamental understanding of key concepts in young minds. 

MathPrivé's proprietary assessment approach can identify a student's gaps of understanding and target a plan for improvement. Additionally, under-challenged kids can look forward to a fun source of enrichment to keep them engaged. We employ unique interactive games, tools and techniques, developed by the most creative minds in curriculum  development.  

Assessing Core Math Understanding

Math Support Services

Navigating the Educational System

Assessing Core Understanding

Our proficiency assessments play a pivotal role in gauging each student's mathematical knowledge and skills at their respective grade levels. Using a comprehensive evaluation approach, we accurately identify their strengths and areas for further development. This assessment data forms the foundation for our support methodology, allowing us to customize lessons and provide targeted curriculum to address individual learning needs.

Math Support Services

At MathPrivé, we recognize the immense value of nurturing the mathematical talents and abilities of students. Our team of experienced math educators cultivate a deep understanding and love for math in young minds. Through personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions, we create a supportive environment where students can strengthen their math skills, build confidence, and achieve outstanding results.

Navigating the Educational System

In addition to tutoring and assessments, we understand the significance of making informed decisions regarding school options. Our staff of experts have been educational insiders for decades and can offer valuable guidance to parents, providing insights into schools in San Francisco and New York that might best mesh with your goals. We understand factors such as curriculum, teaching methodologies, enrichment programs, and student strengths to help parents make informed decisions aligned with their child's future.

Mary Ann Warrington, BA, MA

Math Program Director for a K-8 school in San Francisco. She supports students and teachers in grades K-8 and is also the instructor of an accelerated Algebra class.  Mary Ann has been involved in educational reform for over 20 years. As a classroom teacher and researcher, she developed and implemented a project based curriculum. She has designed and taught Math Methods courses at the Harvard School of Education and Wheelock College. She has been a consultant for Marilyn Burns/Math Solutions where she led professional development workshops throughout the nation. Mary Ann has published articles on children’s understanding of fractions, diversity, equity and inclusion and differentiation. 


Professional Experience

BA Vassar College, MA UA, Birmingham

Glenna  A. Wiley, BA, MA

Most recently, Lower School Math Specialist at the Town School for Boys. She has been a classroom teacher and math specialist in the lower grades a number of San Francisco's most prestigious elementary schools. Glenna has hands on experience developing creative teaching techniques for students with disparate learning styles. Additionally, she has a vast network within the local educational systems in the Bay Area and New York. She has experience and knowledge of working with parents as they navigate these sometimes confusing but important organizations.    

Professional Experience

Lower School Math Specialist

First Grade Teacher 

Kindergarten Teacher

  BA Colgate University, MA UCL